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This blog is dedicated to the low-carb menu challenge presented by Jimmy Moore. I'm living the Louisiana low carb lifestyle, where low-carb is the new way to go ! I live southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana....have three awesome kids. We are deep down in the heart of sweet Cajun Country, where we kick back and relax, go hunting, fishing, or make groceries! My doctor told me that my blood pressure numbers were getting too high, so I had to loose weight. She challenged me with ten pounds in three months. That was October 7, 2008. I lost 26 pounds !!! In February of 2011, I found that I had gained a few pounds more than I would have liked, weighing in at 170 pounds. I had to get back into the swing of living the low carb life again !! I am loving the 'low-carb' style and wish to contiue it . I exercise three times a week at the gym, and off the 'off' days, I learn to RELAX !! November 2011, finds me in different circumstances -- a new lifestyle, great community of friends and a challenge to keep that 45 pounds that I lost OFF. Feel free to read my blog, browse around, or just sit a spell!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Really Works for Weight Loss ? Web MD reveals...

The answer is more simple than you think. See what one of today's top fitness experts has to say.

The father of fitness walking, James Rippe, MD, has the skinny on how to effectively lose weight.


(1) Regular Physical Activity (walk 30 minutes a day)
(2)Pay Attention Every Day to nutrition (not dieting ?) what ?
(3) Adopt a Long-Term Mindset
(4)Support of Other People

I like this advice. Although I exercise more than 30 minutes a day, and pay attention EVERY DAY to nutrition. The Long-Term Mindset ? I take it one day at a time. Support of other people is nice, but I have to be realistic. Eating low-carb IS a lifestyle, and it is NOT for everyone.

I think the one word I hear my friends saying is how 'disciplined' I am in eating. The other thing I hear is how 'low will you go ?"... I have not found that answer just yet. However, I'm sure there will come a time when the weight loss WILL tamper off, and I'll be at a point where I will feel comfortable in eating more than 60 carbs per day.

I think I will never look at food again in such a way as I have in the past 2 1/2 months ! I look at EVERY nutrition label, for ALL of the hidden signs of sugars, their different names, etc. I look for the amount of CARBS. I examine a product like someone examines a crime scene. I take forever it seems at the supermarket when looking for new low carb foods to eat. I try to post them HERE so others can benefit.

Just how low will you go ? How do you know when you get there ? Have others been telling you things about your weight loss ?


For Lunch, I finished up the rest of the ham and cheese salad from yesterday. For supper, I had mirliton with hamburger meat in it, and Breyer's Carb Ice Cream.


Harry said...

Good evening, BayouBabe.

You asked: "Just how low will you go ? How do you know when you get there ? Have others been telling you things about your weight loss?"

If you're asking about carbs - I think I'll only go as low as I have to in order to lose weight slowly while feeling good. I want to be able to enjoy as wide a variety of healthy and enjoyable foods as possible. My definitions of such foods differ from those of some other LCers.

I'll know when I get there by monitoring my weight and how I feel health-wise.

As far as your last question: Some people do say critical things to me about "low-carb diets".

The way I figure things is that my successful weight-loss and good health will speak louder than any debate possibly could.

Erika said...


I can't offer any advice on how low YOU should go. Me, I know because I was there last year. If you've always been bigger, it will just be a matter of 'when it feels right'.

On a related topic though, people will often say that you've "lost too much", when you haven't. It's just the change they're reacting. Try asking (if you can slip it into the conversation) a person you've only just meant if you want a more accurate response.

bayoubabe said...

Hi there Harry ! Thanks for your splendid comments ! What I meant by 'how low will you go, is weightwise' . I have already lost 20 pounds, but I'm still not at the 'magic number' that I know will eventually get to, when the pounds stop coming off. I had a neighbor ask just this morning "HOW" I achieved my weight loss. Granted this neighbor was well in his 70's but was quite serious and listened very intently. When I explained it was carbs, he fully understood and exclaimed, "Do you KNOW how much I love my fruits !!" LOL... yep, everything in life is loaded with carbs, so I pointed out a few for him, and gently told him to read the labels, and read into what has carbs and what does not. Also EXERCISE !! After 2 1/2 months of doing Low carb, I'm STILL learning, and will continue to learn.

Thanks for your reply Harry !


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