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This blog is dedicated to the low-carb menu challenge presented by Jimmy Moore. I'm living the Louisiana low carb lifestyle, where low-carb is the new way to go ! I live southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana....have three awesome kids. We are deep down in the heart of sweet Cajun Country, where we kick back and relax, go hunting, fishing, or make groceries! My doctor told me that my blood pressure numbers were getting too high, so I had to loose weight. She challenged me with ten pounds in three months. That was October 7, 2008. I lost 26 pounds !!! In February of 2011, I found that I had gained a few pounds more than I would have liked, weighing in at 170 pounds. I had to get back into the swing of living the low carb life again !! I am loving the 'low-carb' style and wish to contiue it . I exercise three times a week at the gym, and off the 'off' days, I learn to RELAX !! November 2011, finds me in different circumstances -- a new lifestyle, great community of friends and a challenge to keep that 45 pounds that I lost OFF. Feel free to read my blog, browse around, or just sit a spell!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Redirecting Low Carb..

Seems like there were many things to celebrate this week, or so I led myself to believe !

I met up with a new friend on Saturday. We went to church, then out to eat. I tried a new food (hummus) .Low carb information on Hummus.  I am not sure how many carbs in it, but you served it on some thin matza looking bread.  I couldn't get enough.

Yesterday was my son's 12th birthday..we went out to eat at Waffle house.  Ok the hash browns were calling my name.  (That was the only bad thing I ate.).  So I guess I had TWO cheat days this week -NOT GOOD.

The good news it that I lost another pound ! I am now down to 138 pounds in eight weeks.   It is coming off s-l-o-w-l-y.

Remember back on February 1, when I starting low carbing -- Round 2 ? Well, it will be 8 weeks tomorrow, and I lost a total of 12 pounds.  Not bad -- but I'm doing it the healthy way, so I'm happy.  My clothes do not fit. I am stronger in my weightlifting.  I have a better balance because of the Bodyflow classes. LIFE IS GOOD !!

I stayed true to low carbing today. I had a Mc Donald's chicken salad (11 carbs)  and some Newman's Own Dressing (8 carbs). I enjoyed some Planters nuts in the late afternoon.  For exercise, I walked around my home town this morning for 25 minutes, and took a Bodypump weightlifting class.


 Was on the road with hubby most of the day, purchasing new baseball clothing for the ever-growing 12 year-old.  I'm also dealing with another painting project -- the bathroom closet ! Details to come lol.  ...

How to Diet and Exercise When you travel

How to Diet and Exercise when you travel

It's almost time to start planning the summer vacation ! What to do when stuck in hotel rooms and eating on the road ?  Below are a few tips to help us get through.  By Chris Pirillo

Conferences are a fantastic way to educate yourself and make new connections with people. They’re also a great way to network at after-parties and gain a little weight. Let’s face it: most conference parties offer food which is full of carbs, sugars and other icky substances. Even though it tastes fantastic, our bodies may not thank us for partaking in the morning. What’s a geek to do to stay in shape while spending so much time attending events? Jake met up with Tim Ferriss – author of The 4-Hour Body – to find out.

Sticking with proteins and veggies can be done at SXSW and any other event you may be traveling to. Don’t feel you have to sample all of the food offered to you during conference lunches and dinner or during parties thrown for attendees. Additionally, if you feel you must drink alcohol, try ordering a NorCal Margarita. This is comprised of soda water, high-grade tequila and the juice from at least four limes. These drinks are the “lesser of many evils” according to Tim, since many types of booze contains a lot of calories.

Exercising in a hotel room can be tricky, and you usually don’t quite feel up to going for a morning run during conference days. Tim has a few ideas to help Jake out there, as well. Packing a few mini bands allows you to quickly do your resistance exercises. You can also adapt several normal types of exercise to give you more of a workout: try doing one-armed pushups against a desk at an angle. Do your squats with one leg raised. Make sure you aren’t a klutz like me before attempting any of these things, though.

If you don’t have any weights in your suitcase or hotel room to help with your workout, try making your exercises much slower than usual. If you’re performing squats, go down slowly at a count of five and come back up at a count of five. The same goes for many other types of stretches and lunges.

Lastly, Tim recommends looking into doing an intense workout the day before traveling which requires giving your body 5-7 days to recover before doing another. This sort of covers you for the days you are gone and cannot work your body to its usual pace.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stormy Weather !

It's been a frantic day around here ! This afternoon brought showers galore to the Big Easy.  We are expecting bad weather AGAIN tomorrow.  Happy Birthday to my son, Sean, who turns a big 12 tomorrow !

I was actually able to get out tonight and exercise by doing a Bodypump class.

For lunch, I made a taco salad. I know the taco shell, itself is 16 carbs, I added the ground beef, the cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream.

I walked around our town for abut 25 minutes this morning. 

I'm so happy that baseball season will be starting soon.  It means I get to spend more time at the ballpark. Remember to pack your own low carb goodies !!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Measure once, cut twice !!

Good morning ! I hope everyone is having a wonderful productive weekend.

For breakfast, I cooked two eggs - sunny side up, (130 calories, 1 carb),  Bacon (1 carb, 215 calories)

2 slices wheat bread (16 carbs, 260 calories).


For dinner, I made a chicken -egg salad-salad LOL. I added some lettuce, tomato, and two tablespoons of Ranch dressing.  I think I'm getting better at making my own salads !! LOL


Do you EVER Have one of those days were you seem to be doing everything twice, but dont know why ?

Goodness. I'm still dealing with painting and the bathroom issues. Today's issue was putting in a plastic adhesive of bathtub molding.  WELLLL... I put it on incorrectly, and when I took it off, the paint from the newly painted walls came off also.. So, I ditched the bathtub molding idea, and just sanded and painted the area.

I dont know if the paint is dry yet, so I'll save that picture for another day !

Dieting is like this. We measure our carbs to make SURE we have the exact amount required.  However, we HAVE to HAVE a CHEAT DAY every now and then... Do I hear anybody out there shouting an "AMEN ?" lol.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eggs: 8 Healthy Facts

Eggs : 8 Healthy Facts !!
From nutritional benefits to ancient symbolism, we've got eight things we bet you didn't know about eggs.

By Chloe Thompson

Ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians, Persians, and Hindus, believed the world began as a large egg, one reason the egg is a symbol of new life.

Recommended Related to Diet & Weight Management  - Enjoy Your Vacation Without Gaining a Pound

You work hard all year to earn your vacation, a coveted chance to relax and enjoy family and friends without the pressures of work. But while a vacation is a time to have fun, it shouldn't be a time to sabotage your weight-loss success. I like to think of vacation as a time for "social weight maintenance" -- a time to splurge a little and enjoy the festivities, but without gaining weight. Dine out without overdoing it. What better time than a vacation to break free from daily duties...

Read the Enjoy Your Vacation Without Gaining a Pound article > >

Egg-cellent Production

Individual hens in the United States lay about 250 to 300 eggs per year.

Most Extreme Egg

The heaviest egg, laid by a New Jersey hen in 1956, is reported to have been 1 pound.

White House Easter Egg Roll

The first White House Easter Egg Roll took place in 1878 on President Rutherford B. Hayes’ lawn, after a law was passed forbidding children to play on the Capitol grounds.

Egg Nutrition I

One hard-boiled egg provides 17 grams of protein and only 72 calories.

Egg Nutrition II

The yolk is the major source of the egg’s vitamins and minerals. Egg whites are an excellent source of low-fat protein.

Egg Safety

Every year, about 40,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a diarrheal illness caused by salmonella; undercooked eggs are one source.

Why "Deviled" Eggs?

There’s nothing evil about deviled eggs; “deviled” refers to the spices used in the recipe.

Baked Apples With Warm Custard Sauce


Makes 8 servings



Cooking spray

4 large apples, halved, seeds and cores removed

2 teaspoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon


6 eggs

2/3 cup sugar

2 cups low-fat milk

dash salt

2 teaspoons vanilla


¼ cup slivered almonds, toasted


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Place apples cut-side up on a jelly-roll pan coated with cooking spray.

3. Combine brown sugar and cinnamon; sprinkle over apples. Bake 40 minutes or until apples are tender. Set aside.

4. To make vanilla custard, whisk together eggs, sugar, and milk in a heavy-bottomed saucepan.

5. Slowly cook custard over low heat until thickened (coating the back of a wooden spoon).

6 Add salt and vanilla. Let cool until warm.

7. Pour warm custard sauce over apples. Garnish with toasted almonds.

Per serving: 228 calories, 8 g protein, 37 g carbohydrate, 6 g fat (2g saturated fat), 162 mg cholesterol, 3 g fiber, 33 g sugar, 93 mg sodium. Calories from fat: 24%.

Top Picks

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Low Carb BIG Easy Green Salad (PICTURES))

I hit the local farmer's market yesterday. It has been beautiful weather here in the Big Easy lately -- so there were LOTS of vendors with there farm raised crops there.

One person had a HUGE head of lettuce. And I'm talking HUGE. Today I prepared a nice big GREEN SALAD with the leaves from it.

I chopped up some tomato, turkey and ham.  Topped it wih shredded cheese !

THE FINAL RESULT !! MY LOW CARB BIG EASY GREEN SALAD !!  (Ham 3 carbs, Turkey 2 carbs). I topped it with a sprinkle of bacon bits :)

I added a couple of teaspoons of Ranch Dressing (6 carbs).

For desert I had some fresh blueberries and blackberries !! (7 carbs)

For my snack today I had 1/2 banana (8 carbs)


I took a Body Pump Weightlifting class tonite. It was awesome ! Can't wait until the new launch Party Next Month.

It's been 7 weeks since I started Anytime Fitness AND I'm just now noticing my body is starting to tone from the weight lifting.  It's awesome. Diamonds REALLY ARE a girl's best friend !!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy as a Spring Bee !!


Hey Yall ! I've been busy as a spring bee ! Our oldest son came over to show me his college degree, so I took him out to eat.  (Cheat Day yesterday).  I also finished painting our bathroom (Scratch off the list !).

I've been busy with my newest exercise class, called RPM. It's an indoor cycling 'spin' class.  Very challenging. I am also busy with my Body Pump Weightlifting CLass. I've been doing weightlifting for 7 weeks now, I really Love it !

Today for lunch I ate Mc Donald's Crispy Chicken  (20 carbs 360 calories). I snacked on blueberries and blackberries.

I hope you are enjoying your spring, doing whatever it is that you find the notion to. Since the weather is better, why not get out and EXERCISE !!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Another Manic Low Carb Monday ...

Not much happened today.  I went walking for 40 minutes to see the beautiful spring blossoms in our small town.

  I washed and vacuumed the car.  I am still in the process of painting the bathroom.


For brunch, I made tuna/egg salad, on two slices of wheat bread.  An assortment of cheese appetizers finished off the plate !

For supper, I had a boneless lemon peppered chicken breast and 1/3 cup of potatoes.

About 48 total carbs for the day.

What did u do today ??

VIDEO !! Have a Nice Day !!

This ladybug was low carb exercising on my hosepipe this morning, as I was washing my car ! The song, "Have a Nice Day" was playing in the background.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Mind vs. The Body

The Mind vs. The Body

It's a strange yet wonderful relationship.   Just which do you listen to ? 

You mind tells you that you are not hungry.  Your body tell you when you've had enough exercise.  Do you know how to listen to your inner self ?  Have you ever been called 'hard-headed'?  I have. 

Perhaps I know that if I eat "X" amount of calories, that my body knows it needs to exercise to burn it off.  It's a given. 

I learned a very hard lesson.  From December 2010 to January 31, 2011. I let myself go -- literally. I gained a whopping 10 pounds in two months !! I can blame it on the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas dinner, and the Mardi Gras Kingcake. YES! The purple, green, and gold -glistening icing actually spoke to me. The Butterball turkey spoke to me.  Food was my passion. Exercise was NOT.  INPUT FOOD = OUTPUT POUNDS.  There is no way of getting around it.

Some days, my mind will tell my body to exercise more. My body feels recovered, and wants to go along with the mind.  Sounds like a good plan, right ?? 

Speaking of plans.. I'm on Phase TWO of my low carb diet. Phase ONE consisted of loosing 10 pounds. I have reached that goal, YEAH !  Phase TWO consists of loosing another 10.  No time limit, just to loose it.

I also want to VARY the types of exercises I am doing.  I am going to begin a Les Mills Class called RPM.  RPM is the indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain with your inspiring team coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. Discover your athlete within – sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high. Like all the LES MILLS™ programs, a new RPM™ class is released every three months with new music and choreography.  It looks like a Spinning class. I've never been to one, so I'll have to report back when I do next week.

Today I took a Les Mills Body Flow Class  It is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance.

I am enjoying my Les Mills Body Pump Weightlifting Class. I've been doing it for six weeks now. I can tell that it has made my core stronger.. , tones and it burns a lot of calories.

Another favorite exercise I like to do is the Cross Country Elliptical.  I can do it at a slow, steady pace. It works both the arms and legs .


For breakfast I had two scrambled eggs, (130 calories, 1 carb), two slices wheat bread (260 calories, 16 carbs).

For supper I had 1/2 pistolette (45 calories, 9 carbs), 1 ounce spaghetti (15 carbs, 110 Calories)  Four meatballs (2 carbs 160 calories) , and a couple ounces of spaghetti sauce (6 carbs, 45 calories)
TOTAL :  48 Carbs  -- 749 Calories

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cajun Chicken Salad !! & Super Moon

They say things go crazy when there is a full moon.  Mama's deliver their beautiful babies. Accidents are more prevalent on this day and so on. Today's moon is non-the-less spectacular.  It's the closest it has been to us in 18 years, sorta coming by for a visit tonite. If u get the chance to step out your door this evening, it will be well worth it. I tried to take a picture, and here is the best that I got.

With that in mind, my taste palette was a buzzin today ! I drove to the Popeye's drive thru, to get a Spicy Chicken Breast (11 carbs, 380 calories).  It came in a strange 'leftover box', I suppose from the Lenten Friday yesterday. 

So, I took my chicken breast, deboned it, cut it up into tiny pieces to go into my Cajun Chicken Salad.

I chopped up some lettuce tomato, added Kraft Mexican Shredded cheese (1 carb, 100 calories)

I tossed everything into a bowl, and added two tablespoons of ranch dressing.

What a beautiful Cajun Spicy Chicken  Salad !!

For supper tonite, I had a piece of hamburger, on two slices of wheat bread (260 calories, 16 carbs)

Exercise : This morning I had a very nice BodyPump weightlifting workout.  I pushed it to the limit. This evening, I rode bikes along the Mississippi River Levee., pedalling 5.2 miles.  wheee !

Hope your weekend is very successful. If you get a chance get out tonight to peek at the MOON :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Foods to help you shed your winter weight !!


It's just a few days away from springtime here in New Orleans. The birds are chirping, the skies are clear. You can feel the breeze of the March winds across your face. Life IS good. 

Eating Well Magazine presents  a column today on certain foods that may help us get that extra 'layer'  of pounds that just do not want to come off.  It's time to shed our winter coats !!

The good news is many springtime foods promote weight loss naturally, and not just because they’re lighter than those hearty winter dishes.

It was so nice outside today, I decided to walk around our town for 25 minutes. Yes, and in the FOG !!

For brunch today :

I cooked up three scrambled eggs, with cheese.  ( 180 calories, one carb for the eggs) (Cheese, 100 calories, one carb) (Jimmy Dean Sausage (1 carb, 240 calories). 

I could not believe it but I actually took a one hour nap this afternoon ! I was up early, and my allergies made my head weary all day. Guess I needed the rest !

For snack this afternoon, I had a few blueberries and blackerries !
Hope yall have a great weekend !!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Low Carb Irish Recipes !!

Low Carb Irish Recipes !!

Hey are you wearing your GREEN TODAY ??

Sheknows.com's website has some awesome Low Carb Irish Recipes !

St Patrick's Day is a near effortless low carb holiday. Corned beef and cabbage, pub salads, Irish stew, and other dishes are high in protein, loaded with flavor and perfect fare to nosh while keeping in line with your low carb diet. The following St Patrick's Day recipes are easy to prepare and will delight every one of your St Patrick's Day party guests, even the ones who aren't on a low carb plan.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood !

So it IS a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Have u gotten outside to take a LOOK lately ?  A slow walk, breathing in the new spring air, or a quick paced walk -- breathing steadily should be on your agenda for this week !  I got out this morning and walked a brisk 25 minutes.  Spring is in the AIR :)

I've been busy painting our bathroom. That's burning calories -- right ?  Up and down the ladder.  Brushing up and down with either hand. (Like in Karate Kid ??) So I'm developing muscles in the arms, AND exercising by going up and down the ladder .. OK I'm game for that. It's better than being the 'couch potato' !!

For lunch today, I had ham on two slices of wheat bread .  (Ham = 150 calories, 1 carb) (Bread = 260 calories, 16 carbs.

For supper tonight, I had a Butterball turkey breast. (120 calories, 1 carb).

I concluded the night with a one hour Body Pump weightlifting class at Anytime Fitness !!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Low Carb Lenten Mission...

                                                      (Origninal URL :  Lenten Poster Link )

How is everyone today ?  I'm doing great here !   Remember after Mardi Gras when I mentioned that I needed more time to think about what I was 'giving up' for Lent, since Low carbin' was gving up so much already ?  I prayed about it and finally figured it out..

Instead of GIVING UP something, I'm just going to GIVE.

One day I gave Patience.  I played with my son a bit more than usual, and listened to what he had to say.

Today, I gave a compliment to a young lady at Home Depot. She just had a baby four months ago, and we were discussing the Applebee's Weight Watcher Steak and Potato Salad . I told her not to be discouraged, and that at 18, the weight would come off with a combination of good food choices and exercise. I gave her my url address to this blog AND told her about Leslie Sansone Walk Dvd's .

This afternoon, I found someone's cell phone at our post office. The main lobby was closed, and it was getting late. I decided to look to see if there was someone I could call to come retrieve the phone but with no luck. Then I looked at the numbers dialed 'most often.'  It was to a person called "Baby Boy."  LOL So, I dialed the number, and he knew who the phone belonged to. I rode my bicycle down the road to their home and gave the cell phone to their son who was eagerly waiting outside for it.  I did not leave my name or anything, but the expression on the little boy's face, AND he exclaimed... "THIS will make my mom VERY HAPPY !! " was priceless. 

I am glad I was able to give.. :)   You should TOO !!


It's Monday. I started the day off meeting up with  my Aunt at Applebee's.    After scouring the menu for a while, I decided to eat this :

Applebee's Weight Watchers steak and potatoes salad contains 380 calories, 12 g of total fat, 4 g of saturated fat and 32 g of carbohydrate .

The plate was loaded with spinach, baby potatoes and strips of steak. It was really good !!

I exercised at Anytime Fitness this morning on the cross country elliptical for thirty minutes. Rode my bike around town for 25 minutes !


How are your low carb choices coming along today ??  Drop me a line and let me know !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anytime Health website FREE for your friends and family !!


Our mission is simple...

it's to provide dynamic and trustworthy health and .... wellness information—accessible anytime!

I just LOVE using the Anytime Health website ! It was free when I joined Anytime Fitness.  Now the website is free for YOU as well !! Here's how :  http://www.anytimehealth.com/

Anytime Health  is FREE for friends and family !!

During the month of March, you can get your family and friends a one-year premium membership on Anytime Health for FREE! All they have to do is go to anytimehealth.com sign up for a ‘basic’ membership, and enter the code MILLION when prompted. The premium membership will give them full access to the site—just like you! Isn’t that neat?

A great basic plan with tons of info and community features. For access to personal and cool interactive tools
Discover how to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes.

Knowledge is power, and many of us need to feel empowered before making positive and lasting lifestyle changes. On Anytime Health, you will discover the five components of health and wellness, including strength training, cardio exercise, weight management, proper nutrition, and flexibility. Plus, with loads of workout programs, informative articles, exercise videos, meal plans, and health recipes, you will move from discovery to realization.

Learn more about the 5 components of optimum fitness.

View hundreds of Anytime Fitness exercise videos, and choose from a series of workout templates custom-designed for Anytime Fitness. Plan, track, and analyze your daily exercise and activities with online tracking tools.

Uncover the essentials for proper nutrition.

Eat well with dozens of healthy recipes. Choose from a series of customized meal plans. Plan, track, and analyze your daily food intake with online tracking tools. Use the CalorieKing™ food database—50,000+ foods—the industry’s best!

Stay current with the latest health news!

Browse in-depth health and medical information with hundreds of fact sheets. Learn about wellness for each stage of life with 1,000s of magazine-style articles covering health and disease prevention. Knowledge is a great catalyst for beginning a health and wellness journey.

Q&A Forum — Healthy Recipes

Exercise Videos — Health News

Wellness Library — Personal Profile

What are you waiting for ? Get on the bandwagon with this FREE INTERACTIVE TOOL.

Low Carb Couch Concert !! (New Orleans Style)


I've been painting today, so I got up a *real* southern appetite ! Red beans and rice, with sausage, oh My !!

I was busy composing this blog, and I saw an icon, I had on my favorites called USTREAM.  It literally shows ANYTHING live, (or recorded) online. So if there is a major crises going on (i.e. Japan) right now, just go to Ustream. I think its one of the hottest links on my favorites bar ! 

And while you are at it, click on the link below to enjoy John Mayer (one of my favorite musicians !).. while your are eating your lunch.. I call it my Low Carb Couch Concert !! I may just do a series of these :)

Let  me know what yall think !!

John Mayer Red Rock Concert !

Red Beans and Rice with Sausage (beans 1/2 cup  - 22 carbs, 130 calories),  1/4 cup of Rice (11 carbs , 51 calories), Wheat bread, ( 130 calories, 8 carbs) Sausage, not sure of calories  , Carbs probably 1
Total Carbs = 47

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time Trouble - How to Spring Ahead without feeling miserable !

Its the weekend ! I feel a bit tired from the great Body Pump class I took this morning. Our fitness instructor, encouraged me to add a little more weight to the bar.  Now I KNOW why they call it a WORK-OUT !! 

Did he NOT read the paper this morn ? I'm going to loose an hour of sleep tonight -- and he wants me to add more WEIGHT ??? Really.

Springing forward is an annoying ritual to me. Why can't the clocks always stay back ?  I suppose springing is a way of conserving energy, or so I'm told.  It's not like anybody sets an alarm to wake up so they can fix the clock just to go back to sleep ?? -- RIght ??


One way to spring ahead without feeling miserable is to join a gym !

Since I joined Anytime Fitness, in early Feb, and started back on low-carb. I've lost a total of 9 pounds ! I'm excited to see my weight FINALLY coming off. I DO think that the weight lifting was creating muscle, thus slowing down the weight loss process.

Today, I walked outside for a couple of miles... It was SO pretty -- everything is starting to bloom !
Get outside, explore nature, MOVE -- weed the garden, do something !


Eating can also get us out of a rut. Explore new low carb recipes, or foods. 

I kind of eat the same things so I may try this approach myself !

For brunch I had a few blackberries, Strips of Bacon, on two slices of wheat bread.  and some tiny new potatoes.

We went out to get some ice cream, So, I tried a teeny wee bit in a cup. It was So good. (Bad girl!).


Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Get out, get moving, don't forget to set your clocks AHEAD one hour tomorrow !!

 Time for me to go soak this tired body in the jacuzzi !!

( I've been watching the news .. my prayers go out to those affected by the Earthquake in Japan)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tell it Like it is...

I decided to show you how the food is broken down. Here is my  breakdown for today.

I worked out for an hour at the gym . The usual elliptical, bicycle and treadmill.  Then a body pump (weightlifting class tonight).

I ate the blackberries for breakfast.

The graham crackers snuck in there as a last minute late night snack.

Have a great day !!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Low Carb, LENT, and 8 pounds LESS :)

Ok, its that time of year again... They fatten us up on Mardi Gras, only to let us suffer for the next 40 days until Easter rolls around and the smell of chocolate bunnies permeates the room...

I always figured that since I was adhering to a low carb diet already, thus giving up foods that meant something to me.. (You know like the chocolate,  soft drinks, etc.)

I will have to deliberate on this notion. In the meantime.. here is my carb/ caloric intake for the day.

Breakfast = 1/2 banana (50 calories, 8 carbs), blackberries (5 carbs, 18 calories), blueberries (2 carbs, 20 calories)

For a late lunch, I at a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Salad (25 carbs, 430 calories) with two packs of Ranch Dressing (4 carbs)

538 calories and 44 carbs.

Good News is I lost a total of 8 pounds in five weeks :))

I had a Body Pump (60-minute weightlifting class )at Anytime Fitness tonight :)

Spring Cleaning for your diet

  FitDay has a great article for anyone who has survived the guilt of finishing off an entire container of chips/cookies/crackers/ice cream/brownies knows that the best way to avoid that feeling is to eat well (and in moderation) to begin with. But the best laid plans can be no match for hunger so we've given you some tips to keep your diet on track. Also, check out what's really in a Larabar- you might be surprised. Go to FitDay.com to log your foods and exercises and be sure to download the FREE FitDay iPhone app so you can track your progress on the go.

The Top 7 Natural Appetite Suppressants

When beginning a diet, most will decrease caloric consumption in order to drop pounds. The body's natural response to fewer calories is to increase the hunger pangs to let you know that something has changed. There is also the deprivation mentality that can happen on a deeper level: we feel as though we cannot have certain foods or as much food as we are accustomed to and we naturally begin to crave or miss that way of living. Remember the body will do everything to maintain balance and change can be stressful.

In order to succeed at the weight loss / restriction calorie diet, the body will have to adjust to a new set point and deal with the associated hunger. There are ways that you can naturally suppress the appetite and remain true to the dietary meal plan.

#1. Avoid refined carbohydrates or simple sugars.

Examples of refined carbohydrates and simple sugars include white bread, white rice, white pasta, baked goods such as muffins, cakes and cookies, high sugar cereals etc. When ingested, refined carbohydrates quickly turn into blood glucose or sugar in the body. The body's natural response to a high sugar food is to secrete insulin to drop the blood sugar level back down into a more normal range. Insulin carries the sugar into the cells to be used as a source of energy. Most cells are already full of energy (unless you are an active person) so there is no room for the sugar to go. The body's next step is to store the excess sugar consumed as body fat - not what you had in mind when you began the diet. Perhaps you have felt the sugar high followed by the crash in energy feeling 20 minutes to an hour later. A quick rise in blood sugar is followed by a crash in blood sugar leaving you feeling tired. This process is usually followed by an intense hunger to get the blood sugar back up and leaves you craving for yet another sweet treat. The answer: Eat complex carbohydrates instead. Complex carbohydrates examples include whole fruit (not juice), vegetables, and whole grains (in moderation).

#2. Drink enough water.

Next time you feel hungry; drink an 8 ounce glass of water.

#3. Eat the right amount of fiber, fat and protein.

It is important to consume plenty of fiber - it makes you feel full, plenty of fat (the good healthy fats) - we need those to reduce excess stored body fat, and plenty of protein. Protein takes a long time for the body to digest which results in you feeling full for a longer period of time as your stomach still has food in it. Protein can come from chicken, turkey, fish, yogurt, eggs, and vegan choices such as nuts, seeds, soy, and legumes (dried beans)

#4. Supplement nutrients if you need to.

It is important to ensure that you are getting the required nutrients and often times the only way we can so that when we have a restricted calorie diet is to supplement with a high quality multi vitamin/mineral complex. The body may be giving you hunger pangs because it is deficient in certain nutrients. You do not always have to consume calorie rich food to provide the adequate nutrients. I am only suggesting that you supplement an already healthy diet with supplementation specific to your individual needs. I am not a proponent of over the counter appetite suppressants such as Hoodia.

#5. Exercise to decrease the hunger feeling.

Exercise not only decreases the hunger feeling but it teaches our body how to burn the stored body fat as a fuel source!

#6. Eat frequently throughout the day.

5-6 small and healthy snack / meals. That way you never feel hungry.

#7. Address the emotional hunger issue.

Is it true hunger or an emotional void we are trying to fill with comfort food? Be a conscious eater. Set a very defined and specific goal in order to stay on track.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

Another one bites the dust.. OR the importance of measuring.. when dieting.

I *never* realized how important it was to measure yourself when dieting !  I thought by loosing my seven pounds in five weeks was a good thang.  I met with a personal trainer today to get the ropes on how to use the machines at the gym. (It is a free service that Anytime Fitness provides).  Turns out where I was measuring MY waist, and where I should *actually* measure my waist was in two different places ! Oh my, how dumbfounded I was to learn my actually TRUE waist measurement. =(  I am definitely way too embarrassed to report it.


For exercise today, I exercised with Exercise TV channel, doing 40 minutes of yoga, and 20 minutes of "Family Walk', with Leslie Sansone.   I also went to the gym, and climbed aboard the 'cross training' machine, did 20 minutes of that. It is similar to the elliptical, but has a place to hold on with your hands and your arms  swing back and forth as well as your feet.


  I made a nice salad for lunch.

One slice of Ham ( 0 carbs, 60 calories), three slices of turkey breast (90 calories  , 3 carbs)  Chicken salad on top (boiled egg, little big of chicken breast)  ??

For dinner :

bacon (Calories - 215, 0 carbs , egg (calories 65, carbs 0 ) , two slices wheat bread (carbs 16, calories, 260 ) , handful of blackberries (carbs, 5 , calories 18)

TOTAL Carbs = 25,  817 calories..

Hey, at least I was on track today ! How did yall do ??

Motivation to Get Moving - Exercise TV On Demand (Cox Communications)

Ever wonder how to go from couch potato to 'HOT POTATO ?'

I had a "DOH" moment when it come to myur health yesterday?  Have  you ever had one ? When was it? What did you do about it?

Well, if you're looking for motivation to actually do something about the light bulb going off, check out http://www.exercisetv.tv/ EXERCISE TV a part of a FREE 'On Demand" selection offered by Cox Communications. (Check your local cable service provider, they may carry it too !

I was SO bored yesterday (thus my hungry self).  I decided to watch some free 'On Demand" Programming.  I was very disappointed when Cox Communications dropped their  Fit TV Exercise channel (It is now Discovery Health/Fit) . Now it is ONLY a  Fitness channel for three hours each morning.

I've been in the depths of despair since January, over this, but yesterday - I found it @!  Fit TV on demand. Ode to JOY !!  They have fitness trainers at your disposal , to tone every inch of our bodies.  I also Found Jillian Michael's and Leslie Sansone :)

More than anything, check to see if your local cable channel provides this FREE "On Demand" Service .

Top tip for ExerciseTV viewers: Be sure you"SHOP" for your FAVORITES on Exercise TV!!! There are sooo many different types of work outs to consider, different levels, different trainers, different styles, different intensities and also lengths of work outs. The best thing you can do is try out several to find the ones you enjoy the most and do the most for you.

It helps to incorporate different styles of exercise into your exercise routines to keep your muscles challenged and to keep your metabolism up. ALSO, if you FIND a favorite, as I did on ExerciseTV, you can more than likely buy downloads on www.ExerciseTV.tv (both free and at nominal cost) as well as DVD's offering more workouts to accompany your ExerciseTV workouts

I just found a some free videos on Exercise tv videos on hulu !


Get up and get MOVING  !!

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