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Friday, January 23, 2009

"Teas" & "Fuze" Me

Harry left a comment on yesterday's blog about teas. I love teas ! Yes, especially when you are feeling like crap, teas have a way of working magic on you.

My favorite brands are Yogi Tea and Celestial Seasonings teas. I like chamomile organic Yogi Tea & Candy cane lane green tea & Gingerbread spice Herbal caffeine free Celestial Seasonings teas.
Thanks Harry, for stopping by my blog, and posting such a sweet suggestion to make me feel better.


Onto another subject..

I just love Fuze Drinks... they are low carb, come in a variety of flavors and offer an alternative to the water or tea drinker. HOWEVER, It was not until I actually LOOKED on the label and noticed that in little letters "LOW CARB", but other than that, they look the same. I thought ALL FUZE drinks were low in carbs.

I am kinda like the gal that makes groceries, and brings home tomato PASTE instead of tomato sauce. Cest la vie !!
I exercised for two hours at the gym today AND walked 4 miles with Leslie Sansone walking DVD.
For lunch, I had chicken salad on my low carb breadmachine bread. I had Cheetos puffs 100 Calorie packs for a snack.
For supper, I am planning on eating the other half of my Chef Salad with Kraft dressing.
Have a Blessed Weekend !


Oct said...

mmm, now I want tea too!

Harry said...

Thanks for sharing your tea favorites. That's always helpful to know. Helps me figure out new things to try! :)

2 hours of working out and 4 miles of walking?! Holy guacamole! That's fantastic!

You're doing great, Bayoubabe! What a great example you're setting!

PS - the "word verification" that I had to type, in order for my comments to be posted was "MANGA" ... in Italian, that means eat! :)

bayoubabe said...

As always, Harry you brighten up the dull spot in my day.. we need to get OCt some TEA :)

I tried to punch up the subject a bit with "Teas Me", but I thought that it might be a bit much for a young lad like yourself to handle -- NOT ! LOL.

The Leslie Sansone DVD is great. I can walk at home, and in under an hour I can walk 5 miles, IF I wanted to.

I'm feeling SO much better today, -- hey I even washed my truck.



sybil said...

oh, I LOVE the Fuzz drinks! I always drink them when I'm in the USA...cranberry is my favorite.

NewVision said...

I use to drink them all the time when they first came out with the low carb ones...I kind of forgot about them til today..Thanks for reminding me.

Mrs. Sheila said...

I am just getting into "hot tea" and enjoy it very much. One of my favorites is Cranberry apple from C.S..

Fuze ~ YUMMY! LOve them too ~ and yes I get the Low carb ones. My husband likes one that is like WAY high in carbs, but mine taste just as good if not better then his because there is no guilt! Muwahaahaahaa!

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