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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A "Moldy" Situation

My beautifully-baked bread machine bread got moldy...
but it wasn't an "old'y"

I did not put it in the tupperware container hot,
yet it had a lot of mold spots.

I am sad, but am glad
that I learned my lesson well.

Cut a few pieces, refrigerate,
and things will turn out swell.


ANY ideas on how I could have kept my beautiful bread machine bread from molding ?? I had it in a plastic tupperware bread container, and today, I opened it up, the bread was moldy, and I had to throw away a 1/2 of the loaf, which was really ONE loaf, cause I doubled the recipe !

I'm really sad.. LOL, but need to know what to do, to avoid the situation again. Thanks !


For Breakfast, I had Jimmy Dean Sausages and wheat bread.

For Dinner, I had Chef Salad with Dressing. It was a huge one so I 'll probably have the rest of it tomorrow.

Have a Blessed Evening


Anonymous said...

Hey! I guess you could slice it up and freeze it. Or next time, give half the loaf away while it's warm and fresh-people will love you! With a large family, I don't have to worry about things going bad because they get eaten very quickly.
I used to put most of the ingredients together in plastic bags ahead of time, then you can quickly put it all together when you're ready to start up the bread machine. I also think homemade bread is one of those things that tastes best if eaten right away or the next day. Anyway, good luck and enjoy!

CrawdadCt. said...

Yo Bay!
I haven't a clue what to do about moldy bread. Isn't that the stuff that is used for penicillin? Might be healthy, but don't experiment on my recommendation, heh.

That aside, you look fantastic. Shall I say inspiring?

Anonymous said...

Because there are no preservatives your bread will spoil quickly.

You should use it up in a couple or days and/or freeze some slices.

It's actually a good thing. Ain't it nice to know that your bread has no artificial preservatives in it?


bayoubabe said...

Yes, it IS nice to know. THanks to everyone for the suggestions/and comments ! I'll be baking bread again this weekend !

Harry said...

I'm in agreement about the slicing and freezing. :)

One other thing that I used to do with bread ... I would put a dry paper towel in the bag or container that held the bread. The idea behind that is that the moisture will be trapped by the paper towel and not the bread. That seemed to help some.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I have kept bread in the fridge to keep it from going moldy but you have to be careful to make sure whatever you store it in is airtight or it gets a bit dried out.

bayoubabe said...

Thanks for the paper towel Hint...Harry. Twisted Sister lol ... I thought Tupperware WAS airtight, but I wont let this happen again :) Yall have a nice day .


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