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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not by "Bread" Alone...

Today's Low Carb 2 lb Bread Machine Loaf !! Yeah !!

If I had to rely on my bread machine to make the perfect low carb bread recipe... I'd be starving by now !! This is my fourth attempt at making low carb bread in my 1.5 - 2 lb. bread machine. It seems EVERY low carb bread recipe (INCLUDING the ones in my low carb book) call for ONE POUND Loaves ! I've tried doubling a one pound recipe before, with little success.

I received an interesting low carb bread recipe on Jimmy Moore's Low Carb Discussion Board


"Best Low Carb Bread"

I cliked on the ingredient 'dry yeast' in the recipe, and it brought up a definition.

" Active dry yeast comes in envelopes, jars or bulk and can be regular or quick rising "

So , I decided NOT to use my bread machine yeast, and went with the Fleishman's regular yeast.
I doubled the recipe, as yall suggested to make a 2 lb. loaf.

It looks so far so good in the bread machine. I'll let yall know in a few hours. Thanks for all of the tips !


I'll know in three hours if this works !!


For lunch today, I had homemade chili. Not sure about the carbs, but I had bout 3/4 cup, so I do think it must be less than 30 carbs, and I had a couple of saltine crackers to boot.

The bread today actually rose ! It was great in height, and texture. It had a beautiful light crust.
On the downside, I found it needed a bit more salt and I only used ONE of the Splenda, when I should had used TWO. (I read a review that if you used two it would be too sweet... so I'll know better next time.. Enjoy the pics, I'm stoked :))
Off to church now !!


Harry said...

Beautiful looking bread, Bayoubabe!

Congrats on the successful experimentation. :)

NewVision said...

Ok, Now I want a bread machine. I have always been scared that they would discontinue my Healthy Life bread and now I don't have to worry. Thank you for trying and posting this. :)

bayoubabe said...

I got My little Sunbeam at Wal Mart for about $60.

I want to try low-carb SLOW COOKING in the crock pot next :)

I purchased a low carb slow cooker recipe book for Christmas for myself :) Yummy !

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! Enjoy.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am so glad that your bread turned out! I want a bread machine so bad!

Anonymous said...

Hey now BayouBabe! I think you swiped my wooden bread slicer upper! I used to have the same thing to slice my homemade bread in, but it mysteriously disappeared. . . . HMMM.

Good looking bread, I may have to try it out in my bread machine. I hadn't really considered making my own low carb bread.

bayoubabe said...

My 84 year old father in law made that especially for me, for Christmas. I got the design somewhere off the internet. He made an easier version where the sides are all straight. The internet version sides were fancy , like the sides on a sleigh. It's nice though, isn't it ? Thanks !

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