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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to plan from a High Protein Food List

Knowing which foods that are high in protein can help you plan your low carb menus. 

I'm learning to ADD more protein in my low carb diet because it is important in gaining muscle.

I've put together a list of foods that I hope you will find helpful in your menu planning !!

An ounce of meat or fish has approximately 7 grams of protein.


Hamburger patty, 4 oz – 28 grams protein

Steak, 6 oz – 42 grams

Most cuts of beef – 7 grams of protein per ounce


Chicken breast, 3.5 oz - 30 grams protein

Chicken thigh – 10 grams (for average size)

Drumstick – 11 grams

Wing – 6 grams

Chicken meat, cooked, 4 oz – 35 grams


Most fish fillets or steaks are about 22 grams of protein for 3 ½ oz (100 grams) of cooked fish, or 6 grams per ounce

Tuna, 6 oz can - 40 grams of protein


Pork chop, average - 22 grams protein

Pork loin or tenderloin, 4 oz – 29 grams

Ham, 3 oz serving – 19 grams

Ground pork, 1 oz raw – 5 grams; 3 oz cooked – 22 grams

Bacon, 1 slice – 3 grams

Canadian-style bacon (back bacon), slice – 5 – 6 grams

Eggs and Dairy

Egg, large - 6 grams protein

Milk, 1 cup - 8 grams

Cottage cheese, ½ cup - 15 grams

Yogurt, 1 cup – usually 8-12 grams, check label

Soft cheeses (Mozzarella, Brie, Camembert) – 6 grams per oz

Medium cheeses (Cheddar, Swiss) – 7 or 8 grams per oz

Hard cheeses (Parmesan) – 10 grams per oz

Beans (including soy)

Tofu, ½ cup 20 grams protein

Tofu, 1 oz, 2.3 grams

Soy milk, 1 cup - 6 -10 grams

Most beans (black, pinto, lentils, etc) about 7-10 grams protein per half cup of cooked beans

Soy beans, ½ cup cooked – 14 grams protein

Split peas, ½ cup cooked – 8 grams

Nuts and Seeds

Peanut butter, 2 Tablespoons - 8 grams protein

Almonds, ¼ cup – 8 grams

Peanuts, ¼ cup – 9 grams

Cashews, ¼ cup – 5 grams

Pecans, ¼ cup – 2.5 grams

Sunflower seeds, ¼ cup – 6 grams

Pumpkin seeds, ¼ cup – 8 grams

Flax seeds – ¼ cup – 8 grams

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Anonymous said...

Good job. Check out the protein in the Greek yogurt. It is real high and taste great.

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