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Monday, March 7, 2011

Motivation to Get Moving - Exercise TV On Demand (Cox Communications)

Ever wonder how to go from couch potato to 'HOT POTATO ?'

I had a "DOH" moment when it come to myur health yesterday?  Have  you ever had one ? When was it? What did you do about it?

Well, if you're looking for motivation to actually do something about the light bulb going off, check out http://www.exercisetv.tv/ EXERCISE TV a part of a FREE 'On Demand" selection offered by Cox Communications. (Check your local cable service provider, they may carry it too !

I was SO bored yesterday (thus my hungry self).  I decided to watch some free 'On Demand" Programming.  I was very disappointed when Cox Communications dropped their  Fit TV Exercise channel (It is now Discovery Health/Fit) . Now it is ONLY a  Fitness channel for three hours each morning.

I've been in the depths of despair since January, over this, but yesterday - I found it @!  Fit TV on demand. Ode to JOY !!  They have fitness trainers at your disposal , to tone every inch of our bodies.  I also Found Jillian Michael's and Leslie Sansone :)

More than anything, check to see if your local cable channel provides this FREE "On Demand" Service .

Top tip for ExerciseTV viewers: Be sure you"SHOP" for your FAVORITES on Exercise TV!!! There are sooo many different types of work outs to consider, different levels, different trainers, different styles, different intensities and also lengths of work outs. The best thing you can do is try out several to find the ones you enjoy the most and do the most for you.

It helps to incorporate different styles of exercise into your exercise routines to keep your muscles challenged and to keep your metabolism up. ALSO, if you FIND a favorite, as I did on ExerciseTV, you can more than likely buy downloads on www.ExerciseTV.tv (both free and at nominal cost) as well as DVD's offering more workouts to accompany your ExerciseTV workouts

I just found a some free videos on Exercise tv videos on hulu !


Get up and get MOVING  !!


Anonymous said...

Love ExerciseTV... have you tried the Bellydancing yet?

bayoubabe said...

I have seen belly dancing on tv.. their bodies so controlled. My 11 year old son thinks its LEWD. LOL.

I could not keep up, even if I tried.

I prefer to body pump (weightlift) Thanks for the comment !

Bettina said...

Hey this is excellent. This will be very helpful during my exercise routines at home. Thanks for sharing. What's your favorite exercise so far? What do you recommend? :)

bayoubabe said...

My favorite indor exercise is practicing yoga. A LOT of the moves are centered around balance and core strength.

I also enjoy walking with Leslie Sansone's walk at home series (Google if you are not familiar, or search my blog here.)

I recommend doing what is best for YOU. If you need to TONE, I suggest the yoga. If you need to loose weight, I suggest Leslie Sansone.

Thanks for the great question !!


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