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This blog is dedicated to the low-carb menu challenge presented by Jimmy Moore. I'm living the Louisiana low carb lifestyle, where low-carb is the new way to go ! I live southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana....have three awesome kids. We are deep down in the heart of sweet Cajun Country, where we kick back and relax, go hunting, fishing, or make groceries! My doctor told me that my blood pressure numbers were getting too high, so I had to loose weight. She challenged me with ten pounds in three months. That was October 7, 2008. I lost 26 pounds !!! In February of 2011, I found that I had gained a few pounds more than I would have liked, weighing in at 170 pounds. I had to get back into the swing of living the low carb life again !! I am loving the 'low-carb' style and wish to contiue it . I exercise three times a week at the gym, and off the 'off' days, I learn to RELAX !! November 2011, finds me in different circumstances -- a new lifestyle, great community of friends and a challenge to keep that 45 pounds that I lost OFF. Feel free to read my blog, browse around, or just sit a spell!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Rules of Exercise Nutrition

It's Monday. Start of the week. Start of getting back on track. This month's issue of "Get Active" has a very interesting article - "5 Rules of Exercise Nutrition ." ( SEE PAGE 24 - 25 in the digital issue).

5 Rules of Exercise Nutrition

It gives 5 great rules for keeping your tank full and your body energized.
According to some estimates, keeping fit is 80% nutrition. Whether or not you buy into that number, you know that at all of the exercise in the world can't make up for a lousy diet. And if you're an active person like me who is trying to change body composition, your nutritional demands are different from those of couch potatoes.

Active people need to keep their engines revving. Of most concern are the macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. You also need to pay
attention to your hydration if you regularly exercise. Practicing the five commandments in the article will help you nutritionally support your workouts and your ability to loose weight while firming up your muscles.

Get active, stay focused ! Most of all.. have FUN !!

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