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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get the lowdown on no-calorie sweeteners !

Good Morning !

Want to get the low-down on artificial sweeteners ?

They have fewer calories, but are they safe ? Take a look at the latest research.

I personally use Splenda. My hubby prefers Stevia. Whats your favorite and WHY ?

Resource : All You Magazine. 4-17-09 Issue

(click on image to make LARGER)

Have a Blessed Day !


Harry said...

I personally use stevia. I base this on my own study of the subject and on consultations with medical experts I respect. The trick with stevia is finding a product and amount that tastes good! That's not as easy to do as with artificial sweeteners.

Scientific research is a funny thing ... it can be interpreted in a variety of ways. One example is the use of statin (cholesterol lowering) drugs. Most conventional doctors approve of their use. Most natural health specialists suggest avoiding them like the plague (based on similar research). The FDA, of course, mostly agrees with the conventional docs.

IMO, the same applies to the artificial sweeteners. They're part of the conventional medical community in that they're created in a laboratory setting and made up of synthetic chemicals (like most medicines). Most conventional docs approve of their use. Most naturopathic docs don't. I tend to align myself more so with the latter camp.

That's my two pennies worth! :-)

bayoubabe said...

I just love your approach ! Isn't it wonderful that stevia is derived from a plant ? Pretty soon we will see stevia used as a sweetner in diet soft drinks AND in orange juice ! :)

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