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This blog is dedicated to the low-carb menu challenge presented by Jimmy Moore. I'm living the Louisiana low carb lifestyle, where low-carb is the new way to go ! I live southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana....have three awesome kids. We are deep down in the heart of sweet Cajun Country, where we kick back and relax, go hunting, fishing, or make groceries! My doctor told me that my blood pressure numbers were getting too high, so I had to loose weight. She challenged me with ten pounds in three months. That was October 7, 2008. I lost 26 pounds !!! In February of 2011, I found that I had gained a few pounds more than I would have liked, weighing in at 170 pounds. I had to get back into the swing of living the low carb life again !! I am loving the 'low-carb' style and wish to contiue it . I exercise three times a week at the gym, and off the 'off' days, I learn to RELAX !! November 2011, finds me in different circumstances -- a new lifestyle, great community of friends and a challenge to keep that 45 pounds that I lost OFF. Feel free to read my blog, browse around, or just sit a spell!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

31 pounds in 5 months !!

Hi Everyone !

I just weighed in this morn at the gym. I lost another pound, down to 133. That makes a total of 31 pounds in 5 months. Wow, time sure has flown by.

It just seemed no matter how many months I try to loose weight, the ideal thing is to learn what is right for your body and stick to it. No matter how many hours you devote to working out, or planning your meals, or reading your favorite magazine or blog site, there will always remain a bit of a mystery in dieting.

There is that fundamental , incomprehensible miracle that transforms a seed into a plant, a thorn-bedecked stalk into a branch of blooming roses.. But there are also far more mundane questions.. Why did my home made breadmachine bread not rise on the first, second, or third try ? Why did no other diet work for me EXCEPT low carb ? Why are some of my meals tastier than others when they are ALL low carb ? Even if you can figure out some answers, they provoke even more questions. . Should I try a different recipe.. ? Should I try a different type diet ? Should I drink more water, or exercise more ? Or should I cut my losses ??

When it comes to dieting. I have found two things work for me. Low carb dieting and exercise. Two ways are learning by doing and absorbing information from other low carb dieters who are more experienced than I am. And while what works for others, don't necessarily always work for ourselves, we can gain some great insight and knowledge on what COULD work for us, and 'tweak' it to our own menus, exercising and planning. We can gain this knowledge from those who have SUCCEEDED.

I would NOT say that I have succeeded entirely. I would say that I found a low carb diet that works for ME. The majority of my 31 pound weight loss came during the first 3 1/2 months. A bit TOO fast. But what did I know ? I was excited that SOMETHING worked, when in fact nothing else would or could. I found something and I STUCK TO IT.

Where does that lead me now ? For the past three weeks, I did not gain or loose any weight. I was happy with the 134 pounds.. So to my surprise when I weighed myself this morning, I had lost yet another pound !

I am still low carbing, exercising, and have extended my membership at the local gym to include my ENTIRE FAMILY. I finally got hubby from couch potato... well, to at least moving :) lol

He is coming to the gym with me now when he can and he's a great motivational buddy.

I love the season of spring,... it feels like it here in New Orleans, I live vicariously through the smells of the blossoms on the trees, the birds singing and not to mention the 80+ degree weather we have been having here lately. Over the weekend.. I washed my truck and pulled out the BBQ... it was fantastic. I say bring on the SPRING... the DST is here. So am I. :)

Today, I took a trip to town with my hubby. We ate at a cozy little restaurant called Le Madeline. I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu – Breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese on a buttery alpinette with honey Dijon, lettuce and tomatoes. & veggie soup. It was delish :)

For supper I had two beef patties, some peanuts and 100 calorie cheetos puffs.

I've missed everyone ! Give me a shout if you are still reading this blog :)




NewVision said...

Hey Jean,

Of course we are still here. Always lurking around... :)

Congrates on the extra pound lost. WTG!!!!!

Keep up the great work!!!!

Have a great day

Harry said...

I'm happy to hear that you're doing so well, BayouBabe. You really sound joyful and at peace. :)

Congrats on the additional weight loss too! You've accomplished a lot in the past five months. Thanks for sharing so much of it with all of us.

Low Carber said...

Very well done.. as you continue to exercise and be active you might find that yo can lose another 10 lbs... that is replaced with muscle without the scale moving.. very nice :)

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