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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Test Results are IN !

and they are that everything is NORMAL !! (Guess that depends on who you ask right ?)

I'm loosing hair, but the blood tests and thyroid test are completely normal...

So now what ? I'm taking the Biotin and also multi vitamins.

I guess I have to wait and see if it 'repairs' itself.

Not too many people out there are reading my blog nowadays, (cept the ye old faithful ones !), so I really dont know if anyone ELSE out there has had hair loss after weight loss.

Guess we can't pick and choose, can we ??

So I'm back to square one... (Oh boy!)

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Have a Blessed Evening..



Harry said...


What did your doctor suggest as a "next step"? Wait and see?

I'm still researching the 'hair loss' article. I've been assigned a few other topics and there are a few family matters that I need to attend to first.

Keep digging on your side too. See what you can find on the 'net and beyond. There's bound to be a solution out there. Let's see if we can discover it!

Take good care!

Low Carber said...

That is good to hear :) Well something you may consider.. it helped my mother.. she went to Hawaii to do a clense..during the clense you really clean yourself out ( you can see what comes out) and you will be surprised what comes out but the thing is that afterwords nutritients are more easily absorbed in your intestines and in my Mothers case here hair loss stopped..unfortunatley for my father it didnt stop hehe

Its rather expensive.. but woth a try.. I can get you contact info if you are really interested..

bayoubabe said...

Come back in a couple of months he said, this is the dermatologist. I thought for sure there were tests to find out if you were not taking enough vitamins, or which ones you were lacking ? HELP ??

LOL.. I'm on the biotin and multi vitamin... although I'm not quite sure whats going on here.

The cleanse, oh my I thank you for the suggestion, but I dont think I'll go there. I had a colonscopy a couple years ago, so I'm good. Gotta be brave to do that. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Yep, Harry, perhaps I can be one of the people you interview for your hair loss article, a real candidate aye ?

Thanks for all the suggestions, yall, KEep em coming.. :)


Erika said...

That's fantastic news! Congratulations !!!! :)

I guess it's just 'keep on keeping on' territory now. I look forward to your next appt with the dermatologist too (hehehehe). I hope it's good news :)

bayoubabe said...

Thanks for making me Laugh, Erika :)

Have a Blessed morning !

NewVision said...

Hope the biotin and multi vitamin work. I lost hair when I was pregnant with my son 19 years ago and it never came back. While I was pregnant I lost 70 pounds. I had morning sickness all day long and it lasted the whole pregnancy. So I'm thinner on top. I never lost any more but didn't gain what I had lost either. Unfortunately the weight came back but not the hair.... I notice more than others do.

Hope you find an answer.

bayoubabe said...

tHANK you for your comments, New Vision. Seems like I lost the weight, (good things) and then something else crops up. Funny isn't it ? Thanks for sharing ;)

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