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Monday, January 12, 2015

What we think is healthy, may lead to unhealthy consequences.....

What we think is healthy, may lead to unhealthy consequences

   GB Healthwatch  360 is an awesome little app. I am copying and pasting this article that was in my email. It's quite informative. ENJOY !

GB HealthWatch

What we think is healthy, may lead to unhealthy consequences
Healthy eating means nourishing your body with adequate nutrition. Some healthy eating campaigns encourage extreme dietary choices, which in turn may harm your health. For example:
  • A low fat diet can lead to deficiencies in fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K.
  • A vegetarian or vegan diet increases risk for vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Large amounts of uncooked vegetables such as broccoli, collard greens and kale can interfere with iodine uptake and suppress thyroid function.
For people who have a genetic predisposition, extreme “healthy” dietary patterns have the potential to be even more harmful. Common symptoms of nutritional deficiencies include:
Vitamin A deficiency:
  • Bumpy or dry skin
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Dry eyes
  • Night blindness
To see if you have a genetic predisposition, check your genes.
Vitamin B12 deficiency:
  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Shortness of breath, mostly during exercise
  • Problems concentrating
  • Red, swollen tongue or bleeding gums
To see if you have a genetic predisposition, check your genes.
Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid):
  • Dry hair and hair loss
  • Dry skin
  • Fatigue
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Unexplained weight gain or difficulty losing weight
To see if you have a genetic predisposition, check your genes.
Balanced nutrition is the key for good health. The HealthWatch 360 app and web tool are especially designed to help you achieve this. Pre-selected Nutrient-Rich Foods are readily available in quick-pick menus and your Nutrition Score in Daily Report will guide you to meet your nutritional goals.
Download HealthWatch 360
Nourish your body with good food choices,
GB HealthWatch
* The HealthWatch 360 app (for both iPhone and iPad) is free to download from the App Store.
available on the iPhone app store
GB HealthWatch is a nutritional genomics company. We study gene-diet-disease interactions. Our mission is to help prevent common chronic diseases through targeted, gene-based nutritional and dietary intervention. We aim to inform people about the scientific basis of chronic diseases, support them with nutrition management products and services and empower them to take control and live better lives.

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